Soundass is a group of global innovators who use the sweet gift of music to strengthen global networking, leadership, and relationship building. If you've been given or have stumbled across this URL--congratulations, you've made your first crucial step towards bettering yourself and the world around you.

Soundass can hardly be defined with mere words. I say hardly, because it can. Simply put, we are the ones who go bump in the night. And what are we bumping? The greatest hits of all time. To understand who we are, you must first understand yourself and ask the question:

Who am I?
You're tired. You're hungry. You're working 9 to 5 for a boss that doesn't respect you. You're clocking in and out everyday just hoping and praying that you'll have your day. Well, dear friend, your day has come. Soundass is here and we got the anecdote for the blues.
So you're interested in making your birthday party, quinceañera, bat mitzvah, wedding, funeral, bonfire, or networking retreat a huge success? If you sign the form below, you're making important leaps forward in the right direction. Gone are the awkward silences and overblown cover bands from the school fair! Say hello to Soundass, we fix things.

What to expect when booking Soundass: Expect excellence in both music, presentation, and professionalism. Expect a unique 3+ hour set comprised of hundreds and hundreds of all-time classics, crowd-pleasers, and originals. Expect a full band of misfits here to make the stage their home.

What you'll get when you book Soundass: Two, maybe three guys, a synth and a drum pad.

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